亞洲縱貫線 (3/8) - 2012台北藝術論壇 ATF

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pero, de todos modos, me parece muy baja. Os inivto a consultar el esquema completo en la web de Soshable y a contarnos que opine1is. Me parece, de todos modos, interesante reflexionar sobre cuales son las
Beline7 年 ago
He is not only going to raise your taxes, he is going to take your evenings and weedneks for reeducation camps and cultural revolution activities as well.You didn't think you'll get time off for these "volunteer" activities, did you?Your entire life is for the state to use as it sees fit.
Erick7 年 ago
отличный был фестиваль. благодарю всех, кто имеет к нему отношение.ехали мы доолго;), приехали на поляну в пятницу уже в темноте. поприветствовали Рыбалку с Руланой (у них уже был обустроен симпатичный бережок с палаткой, тентом, фонарем, самодельными столом и лавками, все как умеет только Рыбалка), обнялись с «ÐºÐ¾Ð²Ñ‡ÐµÐ³Ð¾Ð²Ñ†Ð°Ð¼Ð¸», поставили палатки, костер, то, се, давно все не виделись, были так рады, стали разговоры разговаривать, чай пить. через время облегченно зафиксировали тот факт что даже гитары никакой не требуется, и так хорошо. но. на звуки выползли из палатки спящие было Герш и Лера (а они приехали из Хабаровска на машине, мой поклон), а спустя время и гитару вытащили. и понеслась до четырех утра. лично я дослушивала уже из палатки, сквозь сон. утром, что-то около девяти, пришел в лагерь какой-то мужик, который с мукой в голосе взывал к палаткам: «Ð±Ð°Ñ€Ð´Ñ‹, просыпайтесь, машина пришла, надо же сцену разгружать! ну бааардыыы!!» а в ответ — тишина… далее на свет божий выбралась Русланочка, которая, решив отмстить бессонным балбесам, стала стучать, кажется, в тазик и подвывать, имея целью разбудить всех и направить на благие деяния, касаемые все той же сцены. впрочем, называла она это все почему-то «ÑƒÑ‚Ñ€ÐµÐ½Ð½ÐµÐ¹ бардовской медитацией», как-то так..(продолжение следует). auto insurance quotes online course distance learning college
Caiya7 年 ago
During the period of WWII, 1941-1945, the Mob or organized crime ran the water fronts, on both sides of the country, with the blessing of the government. The unions were to scared to fight the powers that were in charge. In the 50′s the government was to concerned about the “…red scare…” to worry about the mob on any higher level than what they considered neccessary. In the 60′s the mob was running Las Vegas, which during that time was virtually crime free.The govt. was running a little known war called vietnam. Again their direction was aimed at the red scare, and the trouble makers in the equal rights movement. At what point did you want the govt. to go after the bad guys? They were far to busy watching the citizens to make any in roads into organized crime.Now we are saddled with a govt. that is itself selling guns, drugs, and money laundering. We have an Attorney General that supports a commie muslim, with one idea in mind. That is to destroy this nation! Keep your friends close, keep your guns closer! accutane charlotte county ginkgo biloba impotence
Unity7 年 ago
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Amory7 年 ago
A great and awesome episode! I am very sympathetic about the guest’s situation, and as he says, he’s “fairly new” to it (I’m not sure what that means, time-wise) and he just came out to his therapist. Way to go there!But I’m going to channel my inner Dan Savage now. Your guest says he doesn’t want to jeopardize his marriage. But you know what, he’s jeopardizing it. Here he is being (re)born, finding out who he is and being so changed that people remark on it. It is arguably one of the more important times in his life – and he’s not sharing it with his wife. His wife needs to know. She needs to be able to share this with him, as well, this road of discoveries. From the sidelines or directly, who knows. I was surprised to hear that they had already been tying each other up – there must be a certain openness there.But your guest, of course, needs to be able to own it, too. Because it’s clear that he would not stop if she demanded it, and he must be able to say that. If the relationship really is as great as the guest says, then the wife will probably also hesitate before leaving him. But at least he would have been honest instead of her finding out years later that all this has been going on behind her back, that her newly confident husband became so by lying to her.I know this is armchair reasoning, and I hope your guest will talk to his therapist about finding the right moment, but I don’t think he should wait many months or even years. Some day, he will come home with marks that can’t be excused away, or a bill will turn up, or…That said, I think it’s awesome that the guest made the steps to find out about him, that he is on this journey, and the fact that he told his therapist is a good sign that he won’t keep it to himself forever. car insurance online graphic arts degree
Trevon7 年 ago
Jasemin7 年 ago
Geez, that's unvlbielabee. Kudos and such.
Mang7 年 ago